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2019年3月14日 (木)


A short but essential update this time. An important decision to our DXpedition plans has been taken today, which will reflect in extending the initial 3YØI plans. We decided to take more provisions than initially planned. So did we regarding the fuel.

More than 90.000 diesel liters has been fueled up (approx. 1 liter = U$1 = $90.000 we paid from our private money). That’s all because if weather permits, we plan to stay up to 3-4 weeks at the island itself (excluding sailing and landing time), giving much more chances for ATNOs all over the world. We are loading very list gear to the vessel.

We have already installed and tested our maritime station from our ship. We’ll be signing as E51DOM/mm on way to and from the island on HF bands. As these preparations are bringing to a close, we will announce our departure and estimated on-the-air dates very soon.

Stay tuned and cross fingers, please! 73!


新しいNEWSがでました、INGのようです 3-4WEEK運用したい とのこと。

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