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2013年4月 6日 (土)

VK9CZ Cocos-Keeling Islands 160m (2)


Friday 5th April 2013

Just a quick update - we now have better internet (when we get time to use it) - we will be on 80m tomorrow morning and we will be on 160m tomorrow evening at our sunset and on Sunday morning at sunrise.

We will be making a special 48 hour effort over the weekend, for everyone who works during the week and can't be on at times when the band are open to VK9C.

More info tomorrow ...

160m 今晩がチャンス!
さて 聞こえるか・・・・・・・。

残念ながらダメ! いつものパターンで10mで「QSY 160mとinfo」したのだが聞こえず。

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